Scotland Council Elections by Area

17 Apr

For the perusal of everybody who has concerns for our local councils,and it should be all of of us.

Auld Acquaintance

As a matter of Interest I decided to investigate the number of candidates the main parties were putting up for election in total and by area. To see if I could have some clue where the parties themselves thought was the best places that they were placed to get seats, and how much effort and support they had to actually put forward for seats.
Some areas, are particularly hard to work out because of a mixture of historical Independent candidates, and Independent candidates who really belong or have been affiliated to a main party but have been deselected or dare not nail their true colours to the mast.

But here goes… from the top

Shetland: 24 seats up for grabs

SNP Contesting: 1…and they have already been elected as there were only 3 seats available in his ward and only 3 contestants.

Torys: 2

No other parties putting up candidates…

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