Now is the Time and Now Is the Hour

18 Apr

Aye Rod all of us wondering about this gamble and we need to be all singing from the same hymn sheet.Can the SNP hold onto all 56 seats? I’m wary about that,I can hope for a clean sweep as many will also hope for.The fear is we lose a few of the seats even a couple of them will do us damage and stimulate the Tories into doing us down further than they have done,time to become a keyboard warrior and do what I can,being daft I’m on the same level as most of the electorate.I just hope most of us give up being daft and realise what the Tories have done and will do to us.

Auld Acquaintance

WELL……Who Saw This Coming?
In a complete U Turn which nobody was expecting..Theresa May decided to call for a Snap Election after all, after repeatedly saying that is what she would not do.
But Why? And Why Now?
Surely NOW IS NOT THE TIME for a divisive General Election? Not if you follow her reasoning for saying exactly the same thing in denying a Scottish Independence referendum in 18 months time.
So Why? and this does not even wait for 18 months…. We have barely 2 months to prepare for it.

The Scottish Council elections take place on May 4th… and Now we have a General Election for June 8th…. It is Madness… Or is it?

The Tories and to a lesser extent Labour, have been using the Council elections as a platform for opposing a Scottish Independence Referendum instead of caring about Local matters. The Tories have even gone…

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