Voter Fatigue…..Don’t Want another Election

19 Apr

Another good day at Chez Rod’s,I’ll have to pass this along to join the others.Aye so many moan and groan but wont vote because of so many ideas in their heads and all wrong.Why moan and groan when you could be out fighting your corner,again no reasons just vague notions that nobody cares except those that are taking the money,hey its our money try and keep some for us.Get the services back on track vote the right ones in get to know who they are get involved its the only way,don’t let yourself down or the rest of us.

Auld Acquaintance

So here we go again… Would it not just sicken you? Already people squabbling about how to vote in the Council elections and up pops Theresa May to tell us that we are having another General Election in a matter of Weeks.
Fair scunnered by it all I am.. Have we not had enough of these bloomin elections and referendums?
All we are getting in the press, social media, and the tv news is yackity yackity yack from windbag politicians. I can’t even go down the Social for a quiet wee pint but somebody is banging on about bloody politics!
I turn on the tv….and there is the BBC Reporting Scotland out and about nabbing folks in the street asking them what they think about yet another election, and they are all the same as me…. Whit? Yer kiddin….when, why….Naw naw naw we dinnae want yin!
I cannae even have…

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