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STV Voting made Simple

15 Apr

Well here is where I eat a large portion of HUMBLE PIE and I deserve it.My error was in the word preference if I never preferred a person or party then my vote stopped where it was.So I apologise to all that I have disagreed with over STV and to those that I have advised,and I thank those that have corrected me. The STV system has a sting in its tail and I have had to change my mind and intentions,we could’ve let a Tory in by NOT VOTING them last that’s the sting in the tail,always meant to stop us the common people we need to change the system when we can.I’ll now share this to Facebook with thanks to Rod for writing it simply,for folk like me,or not like me.

Auld Acquaintance

The Council elections use STV, Single Transferable vote. Which means that you get to select your preferences in order of preference…From the most preferred at No.1 to your Least preferred as last preference.

You don’t need to use up all your preferences…you can choose not to go past your top preferences and just leave the rest blank… But that may play into the hands of those you don’t want later.. So USE ALL Your preferences…even if it means giving last preferences to those you don’t want. It doesn’t work in their favour, but works against them.

SNP 123…Green 4, SSP 5,  Libdem 6, Lab 7, Tory/UKIP 8

In places where Independents are running…. place them in front of Unionist parties and behind Indy supporting ones..


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No to YES

14 Apr

Another excellent piece of writing from Rod,very cheerful,this’ll brighten up the most dreich day for anybody.

Auld Acquaintance

It is not my profession, but regularly to keep fit I do some store merchandising and shop fitting.
Why do I mention this? Simply to relate a little antidote from my travels.
Pre the 2014 #Indyref I had been away with a bunch of scots blokes to do a refit somewhere in England. The subject of the referendum barely raised its head, the guys were far more interested in talking about the footie than any referendum.
On the one occasion that I did hear them discuss it, they to a man said that they would be voting NO, and I assume that is exactly what they did.

Over the past 10 days I have been in the English midlands with 10 of these blokes, fitting out a brand new store. On this occasion, there was the usual footie talk, but intermingled with it was lots of talk about a new…

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Tories Create a New Party Block (Think North) – It includes Scotland Which it Is Planned Will Be Phased Out as a Separate Entity Over Time – Read On McDuff – Independence Is your Only Option.

12 Apr

Could this be true?


16999096_499384010449292_4548157456816509709_nScottish Local Elections 2017
You should be prepared to be subjected to a cacophony of English voices canvassing for your vote for the Conservative party in the days leading up to 4 May. loads of Tory supporters are being bussed from the North of England to Scotland to join with and boost local Tory activists in their campaigning efforts.

This is not a new event. The Tories have been dependent on their English supporters for many-a-year. What is new is the level of coordination which makes it difficult to see the join between the two groups. But the accent is the giveaway.

Also new is the 2016 creation of a new party group called “ThinkNorth” which joins Tories in the North of England with Scotland.

It is fully intended that, having concluded a successful Brexit and seen off a second Scottish independence referendum “Think North” will be formalised, operating under…

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