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I Defend My Right To Be Offended

30 Jul

I have said in the past around 50 or so years ago,to somebody and it was meant as humour and it was taken as humour,I said” Pity your dad was not gay” Why” he asked my reply was well he would never have had sex with your mother (I used words used by 15 year-old-boys back then as I was 15) and you’d not be here to annoy me.It was funny then and still is.

Auld Acquaintance

You really couldn’t make it up, well actually you could, but it wouldn’t be half as much fun as the the real thing.
It’s an absolute twitter storm gone completely out of control which has now spread out into the real world of our parliament, newspaper columns,soon to make the courts,and is causing far more damage to the Yes movement than all the Unionist attacks on Independence movement put together.
An Independence writer makes an off colour remark about the parentage of a Tory MSP and his father who happens to also be a Tory MP and Secretary of State for Scotland on twitter. This remark causes high umbrage and the said writer finds himself publicly named and shamed by the Leader of Labour in Scotland as a vehicle and stick to bash the SNP First Minister and On line Independence commentators (otherwise known as CyberNats) with, in the Scottish…

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24 Jul

Worth the wait for your brilliant piece Rod,put nicely but firmly like a lot of us want a united Scotland,light the fiery cross and call the clans together we have an outsider to defeat,alas it wont happen too many read the rubbish in the unionist press.We have the National but its printed for the choir,and it allows the odd (really odd) unionist to make snide comments or some that are banal,its playing fair against a bunch of cheats and so we will lose,unless we learn to play dirty like them and look like we are as clean as them.I think of how Ireland got partial independence and their country partitioned.The Westminster mob and they are a mob,deceived and lied to them Ireland did win the vote for independence but not good enough for those reaping the profits from the island of Ireland and while people starved,and so the empty bellies started a revolution,then the Irish civil war Westminster had a big hand in causing it,in my opinion as my grandfather told me.I see some similarities with our cause here and now,I maybe decrepit but I’d stand(or sit in my wheelchair) with all who will oppose this tyranny of Westminster.I look to those who are smarter than me and I know there are plenty much smarter,to tell us how we can circumvent all the rubbish spouted by the fakers those that have pretended to be for independence but now deliberately cause mischief on the pages of facebook and get some folk confused talk them into hating aye hating,the FM because she wont name the date for the next independence referendum,they wont listen or read that it cant be divulged too early it needs to come when the time is right and the time is not what the odd stirrer wants but as the SNP have taken us this far in 80 years another few wont be a hardship surely the leadership will know when is best. The last/first referendum we were bounced into it because we never expected to win a majority in Holyrood.Sometimes I think a bit of jiggery pokery went on to make us get that majority so that the referendum could be dictated to by the Westminster party and they were ready for forcing the pace of it.Sorry its so long but there might be a kernel of an idea somewhere in it.

Auld Acquaintance

I may not have written anything recently on this blog, given that I have been focussed entirely on writing my book “The Thistle,The Lion and The Unicorn” , but that doesn’t mean to say that I haven’t also been following closely what has been happening on the political landscape.
Indeed I have been having my tuppence worth on a regular basis on my Aye4Scotland Twitter account for those that are into that form of communication.
However with the recent spats and fall outs which have been happening with alarming frequency between Independence supporting factions I feel that it is worthwhile expressing my views on such conflicts in a bit more detail.

In case you haven’t noticed, for quite some considerable time now there has been an all out concerted attack in the mainstream media on everything Scottish and targeting the SNP and the Scottish Government in particular.
Nothing new there…

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