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My Fight

15 Aug

I cant add to this blog by Rod,I can say with sincerity that I will stand with him and concur with all that he has written.He does say it so much better than many can do and much better than I could ever say.

Auld Acquaintance


WARNING…… What Follows is extremely long and massively contentious

“By far the greatest bulk of the political ‘education,’ which in this case one may rightly define with the word ” propaganda,’ is the work of the press. It is the press above
all else that carries out this ‘work of enlightenment,’ thus forming a sort of school for adults. This instruction, however, does not rest in the hand of the State, but partly in
the claws of very inferior forces.

As a very young man I had the very best opportunity of becoming really acquainted with the owners and spiritual producers of this machine for educating the masses.

At the beginning I was astonished how short a time it took this most evil of all the great powers in the State to create a certain opinion, even if this involved complete falsification of the wishes or opinions in the minds…

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3 Aug

Here I was sitting moaning at nothing in particular and decided to open up the laptop.Now the first e-mail I read is from our Auld Acquaintance Rod you just made me happy dispelled those blues that had appeared from nowhere but somewhere.Aye glad to see your back on the horse and riding proud.I have had a thought wandering around my head about why are so many people blaming the SNP for not doing something and getting independence for us?Why had the SNP not done as each of them wanted and set up A/a bank (central of course) B/answered the questions on currency? just to name a couple,one a bank being set up to form our own currency,I think that would come under a “reserved matter” and not possible unless we were independent (not certain though) The questions on currency were answered so many times we could do it so many ways but again we would need to be independent to create our own currency Westminster might block it before independence! So many people waiting for the SNP to do it their way and cant get,as you said off of their bahookies,and do it,it wont happen by wishing.Thanks Rod,I wish I could get off of my bahookie and do something(different story) if you are fit and able and want independence not just for a wee while but for those Scots not yet born please stand up and do it you can save us save our country,from being sucked into being a shire of greater England,because make no mistake the English government don’t want to be British they want Britain to become England,and that has been their aim for hundreds of years.

Auld Acquaintance

Well? What are you waiting for? Some magical independence fairy to come along and wave a magic wand, or the Ghosts of Bruce and Wallace and Calgacus to appear among us and drive us on? It is not going to happen.
Nor is it going to happen if we sit on our bahookies and moan at each other or sit behind our laptops and ipads and prattle away endlessly in multiple on line groups with many of the same people saying the same things to each other while those who are the undecided are left not spoken to or listened to out of our cosy little loops.
Nor is it going to happen if we leave it to the chattering classes in the media and on self opinionated online magazines or the couple of Indy friendly newspapers we do have direct our thoughts.
Nor is it going to happen if…

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