The Right to challenge

26 Aug

Another cracking blog from Rod well done.

Auld Acquaintance

Alex Salmond ruffled some sensitive journalistic feathers the other day in his UnCut fringe show when he suggested that he knew only 6 good decent Scottish Journalists worth their salt.

“The press are largely despised, not just because of what they write, but also because of what they don’t write and the ignorance,the prejudice that that displays”
“Apart from about 6 decent political journalists in Scotland- the rest are waste of space.”

It fairly got the journalistic fraternity nattering on twitter wondering who he meant and who he included or excluded in that opinion.
It was fairly interesting to note some of their interaction on twitter, namely the ones who are less friendly to Alex Salmond and the SNP shall we say.

I had the following exchange with the Heralds Paul Hutcheon


My goodness that is a surprise. Do we still have journalists?


Stunning insight


Amazingly perceptive…

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