Trolls Trolling Themselves

26 Aug

Be amused be very amused and you will be Britnats at their very best.

Auld Acquaintance


I am sure quite a few on Social Media and those that read the comments sections of various newspapers have noticed a significant rise in recent times of Brit Nat trolls trying to create as much disruption as they possibly can and engage Independence supporters in long drawn out circular arguments.

well tonight whilst I was goofing around on Facebook I noticed an Event Notification for an event I was being invited to. It turned out to be a YES event at the opening of the Queensferry crossing on the 4th of September.
I clicked on the discussion tab on the event page and the following is what I found to my surprise.

Why are you calling this a yes event? Have the minority of Scotland paid for the building and future upkeep of the bridge to claim it as their…

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