Corbyn Cobblers

28 Aug

I need add nothing to Rod’s blog just pass it on.

Auld Acquaintance

OOh Ahhh Jeremy Corbyn came up here to Scotland a few days ago with a certain amount of media hype in his sails.
Jeremy was on early election footing and bouncing up here to take back control for Labour, seeing as he couldn’t trust his ineffective Branch office to do it for him.
Fresh from the successful failure of not being beaten as soundly as predicted in the last election and with the Tories almost permanently having a Brexit meltdown, an early general election has been predicted in the political tea leaves. This time Jeremy intends to win back control for Labour, and winning back Scotland is very much part of his plan.

So up he came, with the BBC dutifully following him on his every move, even following him to his first stop as Jeremy did the Western Isles. Well, Stornoway to be exact, the rest of Lewis and…

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