Union Jack Man Forces YES Parade to step aside

28 Aug

I wasn’t at the march,and this is the first I’ve heard or seen anything like this.I’m certain the police could have arrested him as he was out to incite a least a breach of the peace or are peaceful marches now in the position of getting people like that at all or any marches to try and block them? Why would we or any other folk that want to organise a march bother with asking for permission if the permission means nothing except give notice to those wanting to disrupt when and where the march will be and allow them the time to organise a protest against the legal march and protesters don’t have permission to march or assemble or do they.If so then those that take the money for allowing one march to take place shouldn’t allow another to cross paths.

Auld Acquaintance

Shows the power of a few people, prepared to stand up…

Another Bold Union Jack man spotted in Dunfermline yesterday (26-8-17). He stood his ground and forced the entire ScotNat parade to move to the side to avoid him! We’re Looking for a Few Good Men and Women with nerves like this. If you’ve got what it takes to join us for this kind of Street Activism then we need to hear from you…as soon as possible!

This is just one of the things these fruitbats are putting out there on Social Media Now.

Well…. What can I say, other than it shows very clearly the tolerance and decency of the YES side as opposed to the frankly ridiculous and inciting behaviour of the British Nationalists.
At least we have the decency to not throw insults…

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