Bridging the World

29 Aug

Aye Britnatsis always want to steal what they cant do.I’ll be sharing this Rod,knew some good would come of forced rest,keep strong my friend.

Auld Acquaintance

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Standing proudly in all its glory the Queensferry Bridge was officially handed over to the Scottish Government and the people of Scotland last night with a spectacular light show on the bridge lighting up the Forth in Saltires.
It is a bridge to be proud of and is a World Record breaker in its achievement.
it is the tallest bridge in the U.K. with tower thats are 208m high
It is the longest freestanding balanced cantilever in the world
It is the largest bridge of its Kind in the World
Its supporting structure under water and embedded under the water and mud to the rock below is larger than the Statue of Liberty and the largest in the World.
Its Steel cables are long enough to circle the circumference of this Earth.
And It rightfully takes its place beside its record breaking sisters built across 3 centuries as an example…

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