The Great Pretenders

29 Aug

Really good Rod at his best! maybe the best is yet to come,his style is good and his points valid.

Auld Acquaintance

Oh Yes…They’re the Great British Pretenders are the British Esablishment, The British Press and Media…. Pretending in their Separatist Racially Exclusive Brexit World that Britain is still Great!
Pretending that they can still hold onto Scotland… Well they can’t, and they won’t … But they will carry on pretending just the same.
They will carry on as they have always done.. putting down Scottish achievements and calling them British, and big upping perceived Scottish failure and giving it a Big Scotland BAD.
They will lie with impunity, and they will lie my omission and commission. And they will pretend that all is well with the Great British Union when it is not, and they will do so kicking and screaming and crying and pleading till the very end.
They will pretend that they are taking back control in Brexit, when in reality they are utterly clueless and selling us all…

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