Kezia Quits….. Move the Deck chairs

30 Aug

Interesting points to ponder.

Auld Acquaintance


Ok..What is going on? Only 15 days after this article where Kezia says she is ready to be the next First Minister, and only 2 days since Jeremys disasterous Scottish trip where he stumbled time and time again, showing almost zero knowledge of Scotland…Kezia suddenly out of the blue resigns!

Only a few weeks earlier we also had this in the Times

DIbrtXsW0AAzwvt.jpg large

And Yet tonight we had this from the BBC

Kezia Quits

Call me cynical but I wonder if it could all be to distract from this news on Labours PFI projects which have just come to light..

PFI scandal as Scottish NHS faces £10billion bill for hospitals that cost £2billion

Critics slam the toxic credit scheme introduced by Labour Party that has left health boards with a crippling bill of£7.8bn.

Some  huge questions to be asked on this issue now…and Kezia would have had to answer them.


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