Nationalists are Not Equal to Unionists

1 Sep

Some alarming news here,just have to follow the link ,or paste it onto your google search and read,I’ve never been able to understand this type of hatred and I don’t think I ever will,bigotry or racism just don’t get it.I can understand the dislike of somebody because of what they have done to me that is on a personal level,but to hate others people you’ve never meet seems stupid in the extreme,should I hate somebody because of what one of their ancestors did to somebody else? no sense there I really don’t understand it and those that encourage it I see that they are making profit out of the poor fools that show this type of trait bigots senseless and cant see that they are being used by others,who’s on the front line? them that encourage the bigot or the one who is a bigot and will never know why.

Auld Acquaintance

Do you not know your place? Do you somehow think that your views count in the Grand scheme of things?
Whatever might have been said, you are most certainly not a valued partner.
After all that has been said these past few years, let us be absolutely certain that none of the platitudes and promises and vows were even partially meant, and if you haven’t yet twigged onto that, I am not sure where your head has been?

Let me take 2 quotes from an article written today, which I will link to later on.
The first of these quotes says ” nationalists and unionists “are not equals”.
“politically it means nationalism is a minority political force.”

An earlier view from this Lord at the time of the Independence Referendum called for  Scotland to be re-partitioned in the event of a vote for independence.

Now before some of you start…

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