Pass the Parcel

3 Sep

Many a true word is spoken in jest,and many a funny column has its basis in truth.

Auld Acquaintance

DIvUb3iW0AEfyq1.jpg largecartoon strip by Neil Slorance in the National

Uncle Jezza here…  ” Now children which one of you wants the job of branch milk monitor? Don’t all shout at once now”

Anas excitedly jumping up and down at the front… “Me, Me,Me, Me Me,Me ”

Uncle Jezza…. ” Do sit down Anas…anybody, anybody?”

Neil..muttering…”Not bloomin likely!!”

Alex:” Don’t look at me! ”

James: ” What was the question again?”

Neil murmurs to Alex…. We could get the new boy Richard to do it,nobody knows who he is”
Jacqui..giggles…. “lets let Anas do it, and we can all take turns stabbing him in the back”

Kez..” I have a great idea,why don’t we just let Roothie carry on, she always told me what to do”

Uncle Jezza…Slumps forward with his head in his hands on the teachers desk, sobbing uncontrollably…. ” Oh God…what am I going to do with this…

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