Now comes the Winter of our Discontent

9 Sep

Lots of good points and the stinger at the end ,will we still have a devolved parliament at the end of Brexit? My thoughts go a bit further and I think what the Tories will do is suck all the meaningful powers from Holyrood and leave us for another few years then close it down.As Rod says at the end “Hang on ..its going to be some ride” I’d say with a crash at the end of it,but I hope not.I’ve been an optimist all of my life(so far) but see that now I’m slowly turning into a pessimist over independence and I had high hopes for so long.

Auld Acquaintance


From the Nightmares of Summer to the Winter of our discontent.

How short a time it seems since early summer, and how much has happened since.

To begin with we had the vote and the announcement in the Scottish Parliament from which the First Minister proclaimed that there would be a second Independence referendum after the Brexit negotiations were settled and before Brexit itself took place.
The mandate for this vote came about because of the significant change in circumstance which would see Scotland being taken out of the EU.
At this juncture there was no way that Nicola Sturgeon could possibly have predicted that Theresa May was about to endeavour an attempt at political suicide by calling an early and immediate General Election.
Although the vote to have another Independence Referendum had the will of the Scottish parliament and thus the people of Scotland, all the Unionists parties, Labour…

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