‘Ambulance-chasers’* BBC Scotland digs up fake news as Scotland’s ambulance services disappoint them by coping well with the winter surge in demand

4 Jan

This is how Tories tell lies and get their BBC propagandas machine to spread THEM time to stamp them out the lies as well as the Tories and the BBC they all deserve the same fate.

Talking-up Scotland


*Credit @MoFloMoJo for the clever headline opener.

I’ve already reported on the strong performance of the Scottish Ambulance Service over the festive period. There was no crisis of the kind hoped for by the Unionist media and politicians. Not even one death they could blame on SNP management of the NHS. Predictably, they have scraped the barrel to find something, anything, they can use to worry their audience and to undermine the reputation of the SNP-led government. See:

Scotland’s finest, our ambulance workers, fail Scotland’s media as they cope with Hogmanay demand

BBC Scotland news found something which they felt could be built up and stretched into a bad news story. Today we read:

‘Thousands of ambulances dispatched with single crew. More than 10,000 ambulances have been dispatched with one crew member on board in the past four years.’

As we read on we do get a bit of context. With…

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