The Prose and Cons of Union

13 Aug

Glad I found this blogger I like his “prose” and don’t feel “conned” into agreeing with him.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

MAKING THE POSITIVE CASE for independence was what 2014 was all about. Our focus was almost entirely on Scotland, spelling out to our fellow Scots that our country had the resources and the wherewithal to be a state on its own account. Making the case that Scotland had what was required to be a successful, small independent nation was hugely important. The importance of this was underlined by John Swinney back in 2001 when he said of the British establishment and Scottish unionists:

[T]hey will always run down the Scots – why they will always say we are too stupid and too poor to be trusted to run the affairs of our own country.

In order to set the stage for where we are we had to argue that we are not “too wee, too poor, and too stupid” – and we certainly wouldn’t…

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