Alex Salmond Resigns his SNP Membership

30 Aug

This all stinks IMO.100 years ago Charles Parnell Irish indy seeker got caught in a sex scandal,he went out with a woman who was waiting for a divorce he lost support of Liberals.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

THIS IS INDEED THE SORRIEST indictment of where we are as a society, that a man with a decades-long record of unblemished public service feels compelled to resign his membership of the Scottish National Party or face expulsion following two unproven accusations of misconduct. It is utterly irrelevant whether or not these accusations are true. They are as yet unproven, and the assumption of innocent until proven guilty is – or should be – the bedrock of any understanding of justice. That Alex Salmond has found himself in this situation cannot but be seen as a terrible blot on the record of the SNP. If it lacks the moral certainty to defend this central principle of fairness for someone who has served and led it for so long and through so much, how can we depend on it to defend anyone else? This is deeply regrettable.

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