We have a Majority for Independence

5 Sep

I hope this is correct,but I know its close and I have hoped for independence all of my life.Its not as simple as portrayed here,I wish it was.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

MORE PEOPLE IN SCOTLAND support independence than support continued union with England. This was the finding of a poll carried out by Deltapoll for the Best for Britain campaign which found, when the 10 per cent of don’t-knows were removed, 52 per cent of Scots think self-determination is the best option for our nation’s future. What this represents is a seven-point swing in favour of independence since the 2014 referendum and the beginning of the end of the road for the campaign for the union in Scotland. Atop all the lies told by Better Together during the referendum campaign, the revelations of electoral fraud and dark money, and the relentless anti-Scottish media campaign waged by the BBC in Scotland, the prospect of a no-deal – “Armageddon scenario” – Brexit has finally woken Scots up to the realisation that the union is not good for them.


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