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The DUP and the Orange Order in Scotland and Their Near 150,000 Scottish Voters Have Established Total Control of the Tory Party in Scotland-All the Evidence is in This Blog- Be Warned

22 Dec

A “Nazi Salute” or a “Roman Salute” no matter those with that “Butcher’s apron” always boast of beating the Nazi’s in WWII I suppose these grandsons and granddaughters have never got the message from their dead that the salute is an insult to their flag!!


The Orange Order of Scotland, supporters of the DUP and the Tory Party in Scotland

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Grand Master Jim McHarg, in a speech in 2017 said:

“The bulk of the Lodge’s estimated 50,000 Scottish supporters are Tories, and more members of the Order are now serving as elected officials across Scotland than at any time in the past two decades.”

20 May 2010: Orange Order activist and DUP supporter, Richard Cook, creator of Conservative Future (Scotland)

The former Deputy Chairman of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party stated:

“I believe deeply in our party, its membership and in the need for a centre right party to represent the hundreds of thousands of Scots who believe in the same things we do.

Putting it bluntly, our General Election results were not good. In all but a few seats the people of Scotland turned out to stop…

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