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The Salmond Trial

12 Mar

Excellent piece of journalism, and he can be trusted.

Grouse Beater

Referendum Debate Continues As Campaigns Enter Final WeekAlex Salmond

For reader’s information.

The first thing to say is obvious, readers are cautioned against prejudicing the trial by posting intemperate comments that, understandably, some might feel impelled to make, all things considered. Emotions and prejudices will run high, as they say, but the wise will keep an eye on the detail and not the over-wrought. Alex Salmond has already won the first part of his action against the Scottish Government. It remains to be seen what baring it will have on the main part of the case against him.

I shall try to attend the court proceedings on days available to me which may be few. Guest passes are strictly controlled. I have been inside the High Court only once, coincidentally a rape case on which I served as a member of the jury. I was not impressed with the reasoning of some of my fellow jurors, but…

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