The Politics of a Pandemic

20 Apr

Being in that group of pensioner and COPD with another various other things wrong with me (apart from being daft) an aneurysm at the larger side of the middle size any bigger and I could be in for a very tricky operation, well tricky for the surgeon I’ll only be the patient COPD doesn’t help getting put into a sleep for an operation, Arthritis nerve damage on neck and spine other than that I’m doing alright for a boy my age ( decrepit ) I can still laugh and get annoyed at what these arses’s of people these Tories are how can anybody vote for them they should be ashamed of themselves.

Auld Acquaintance

Anyone watching the daily reports on the pandemic would almost be forgiven that  politics had been suspended, journalists and politicians are almost bending over each other to appear to all be supporting each other and everyone is pulling together to get through all this. Almost, but not quite, it is not that suddenly politics has disappeared, it has merely become understated. Underneath it all, it is politics as usual, and there is far more going on than meets the eye.

I commented recently on the sneaky underhand attempt by a Westminster government department on Scots Law, but that is not all thats been going on while we have been distracted.
At a time when we are more reliant than ever on workers from elsewhere in our health service and other key areas the Home office decided it was a good time to update its guidance on its new immigration system…

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