30 Jul

Excellent Blog looking at the Tories and dissecting them I just hope none of them read this and start to change. Sometimes I think I should spend more time thinking and making a proper blog.


Jackson Carlaw – Conservative – Eastwood
May 2016. Pic – Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament


Those heady days when Ruth Davidson boasted she would be the next First Minister and unionist journalists wrote about it as a serious possibility rather than a poor joke. As lifelong Labour voters abandoned Labour and voted Tory to “save the Union” , as they became the official opposition in the Scottish Parliament relegating the once mighty Labour Party to third place and an increasingly irrelevance within Scottish politics. The Tory good years. They are no more.

The General Election saw more than half their seats in Scotland disappear, and this in a “good election” for the Tories with Boris gaining an eighty seat majority at Westminster. The “survivors” clinging on with tiny majorities very vulnerable to complete extinction next time round, the more so in that Boris’s Government is proving to…

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