How Not to make friends and Influence people

8 Apr

This election is for our country and so many cant see it WHY? I cant work it out needs somebody smarter than me to fathom it out. I do wish we could come together and work on the good of ourselves instead of petty squabbles getting out of hand. Squabbles becoming big fights and no purpose served in our quest for independence. It will be a case of, after the election, if only! and then we make up and maybe even become friends again and restart the work, we don’t need to we can do the job this time if we really want to or are there too many infiltrators among us nudging some of us on and egging up the voices. Remember how Ireland had a civil war after regaining independence looks like we maybe in for something similar not as bloody I hope but bitter fighting, without any agreements only for spite.

Auld Acquaintance

Prior to the last minute announcement of Alex Salmond and the appearance of the Alba party on the scene I was so downhearted that I was seriously considering not voting at all in the upcoming Scottish Parliament Election.

I didn’t feel that I could give the SNP my vote after the debacle of the Salmond affair and all that had come out in the Holyrood enquiry. Nor could I understand why they were seemingly intent on holing their chances and our chance of Independence under the waterline by introducing 2 seriously contentious issues as the Hate Crime Bill and the Trans rights issue just prior to election.
I had watched the run of 22 positive polls for Independence come to an end during all of these things. To say that I was seriously depressed about it all would be an understatement.

I had however joined the Independence for Scotland party…

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