Both votes SNP or not? That is the question.

19 Apr

Posted to Facebook and on Twitter needs sharing will down to brother in Liverpool he might even share around there.
Now my reply, More thought provoking for all of us, good stuff. Your logic is sound but I do see the list as an insurance policy if we don’t get all those constituency seats. I just have that bad feeling about this election. Somehow if possible I’d ask as many postal voters to let us know online how they voted. I know its a secret vote for good reasons, main two are bribery and intimidation, but if we could get some numbers and area voted in we may be able to see if postal votes were safe. I think this will be my last election by going to vote in person all future ones will be postal for me. Health getting worse, fell into lighting up again. Bought the Tabex to help me get back off them again, breathing is getting harder and pained cravings get to strong. Must succeed this time.

Auld Acquaintance

It is not the first time that the Both votes SNP has been questioned, and no doubt the argument for and against will rage on indefinitely until such times as either the voting system changes or we get Independence.
Personally In my opinion it doesn’t stand water.
I can see why the SNP leadership pursue it, but I doubt their reasons have anything to do with gaining Independence. Being a political party, they are behaving the way that all other political parties normally behave, that is because they don’t want you voting for anyone else but themselves, irrespective if that stance hinders Independence or not.
Now this is something I would never have considered or even entertained a couple of years ago,but given how antagonistic some in the leadership has been towards anyone who might think differently to themselves has been, I have begun to believe that is the case.

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