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Multi-million-barrel oil discovery in North Sea

24 Mar

Just give the oil away to anybody like those shareholders of the Tory persuasion.

Talking-up Scotland


(c) Amulf Husmo | Getty Images

Hot on the heels of BBC Scotland’s gloomy warning headlined:

North Sea oil and gas exploration ‘at lowest level since 1970s’’

we see in Energy Voice today that US firm Apache has made a 10 million-barrel discovery in the Garten field 155 miles east of Aberdeen. Production will begin in 2019.

According to analysts Wood Mackenzie in Energy Voice:

‘Hot on the heels of Callater, Corona and Storr, that’s more than 85 million barrels discovered in the area since 2015.’

So, just from that one well, with crude trading at more than $60 per barrel that’s $600 million minus production costs of at most $150 million or $450 million to be shared between the shareholders, the staff and the treasury. At a 20% corporation tax rate that should be at least $90 million or £64 million.

Add this to the £75…

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BBC Scotland’s shameless attempt to scare with claim that Scottish hospital has cladding ‘similar’ to that of Grenfell revealing ignorance of Scottish building regulations.

13 Feb

How the BBC go out of their way to cause alarm and fear in the public.

Talking-up Scotland

Leaving aside their tabloid and inaccurate language in describing the fact that the Scottish Government will meet the cost of replacing the 5% only of the cladding which is ‘similar’ with:

‘Taxpayers will foot the £6m bill for replacing cladding panels on two new Glasgow hospitals.’

BBC Scotland News open with an attempt to simply and directly associate the disaster with a risk at the hospitals:

‘Cladding similar to that used on the Grenfell Tower is to be removed from the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children…. Cladding made from an aluminium composite material is thought to have contributed to the rapid spread of the fire which engulfed Grenfell Tower in June 2017.’

Only several paragraphs later do they begin to reveal the truth

‘And after “forensic checks” last summer, cladding similar to, but not the same as that used on the London tower, was…

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Getting Inside the Scotland Office

28 Jan

What I feared and many others also feared might be coming topass maybe not but we should prepare now today.

Butterfly Rebellion

Butterfly Rebellion

Suspicions have been raised in recent weeks and months that the Scotland Office – the centre of the British administration in Scotland – is gearing up for something big. It is no secret that since the Conservatives came back to power in May 2010 the budget and staffing numbers of the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland have been on the rise. Since the 2014 referendum the influx of people and cash into David Mundell’s department has been accelerating, with staffing and budget now at a level capable of governing Scotland without Holyrood. They’re up to something.

We want to know what it is they’re up to. The entire imposition of a Brexit isolationism Scotland rejected, the nature of the repatriation of EU laws power grab, and the facts of what happened last year in Catalunya give us cause for concern. The campaign for Scottish…

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“But I read it in the paper”

25 Jan

If your stupid enough to believe the Westminster liars are you too stupid to vote in an independence referendum?



The editors of the unionist print media in Scotland must surely by consensus have stopped taking their late-middle-age male menopause medication, as the headlines in yesterday’s and today’s chip shop wrappers attest.

They are not just acting with malice now against any person, group, or political party advocating the heinous prospect of the people of Scotland making their own government decisions. They have changed up a gear to turbo-bonkers mode, the lot of them. Mad as a cut snake.

Och well. Let’s then go the whole hog. Forget journalistic integrity. The truth undoubtedly means absolutely nothing. Just write and approve any old bollox, without as much as a cursory examination of the facts. Your story is crap, it’s sensational and entirely baseless in its accuracy but print it, sell it and thousands of Scots will soak it up.

Once the truth comes out in response it’s too late, the…

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‘Ambulance-chasers’* BBC Scotland digs up fake news as Scotland’s ambulance services disappoint them by coping well with the winter surge in demand

4 Jan

This is how Tories tell lies and get their BBC propagandas machine to spread THEM time to stamp them out the lies as well as the Tories and the BBC they all deserve the same fate.

Talking-up Scotland


*Credit @MoFloMoJo for the clever headline opener.

I’ve already reported on the strong performance of the Scottish Ambulance Service over the festive period. There was no crisis of the kind hoped for by the Unionist media and politicians. Not even one death they could blame on SNP management of the NHS. Predictably, they have scraped the barrel to find something, anything, they can use to worry their audience and to undermine the reputation of the SNP-led government. See:

Scotland’s finest, our ambulance workers, fail Scotland’s media as they cope with Hogmanay demand

BBC Scotland news found something which they felt could be built up and stretched into a bad news story. Today we read:

‘Thousands of ambulances dispatched with single crew. More than 10,000 ambulances have been dispatched with one crew member on board in the past four years.’

As we read on we do get a bit of context. With…

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Why the latest Royal Mint “error” is the hardest to find yet. Plus what it might be worth…

19 Sep

Worth you all checking your new 2016 £ coins you will need a very strong magnifying glass or a microscope.

Change Checker

Following reports by Change Checker and in the national press that a die mix up at The Royal Mint has resulted in a number of new £1 coins being struck with dual-dates, we now know that The Royal Mint has officially confirmed the error.

However, what is already clear is that this is one of the hardest errors ever to spot. That’s because even with 20/20 eyesight you will struggle to see the incorrect date on the coin’s reverse because it’s micro-engraved as part of the coin’s ultra-secure finish.

The error is so small, it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

What do I need to look for?

Firstly, although both 2016 and 2017 obverse-dated £1 coins entered circulation in April this year, the die-error mix up appears to have only occurred on a limited number of coins with a 2016 date on the Queen’s head side.

So it’s…

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NO IndyRef2 Allowed

15 Sep

I left a comment on the blog so enough said from me,Rod is to be trusted above many other sources of news and comments.

Auld Acquaintance


It is almost like Theresa May has become flushed with her minority government achieving total domination over the Westminster parliament and the modern dictatorship of Spains right wing government using extreme measures in denying the Catalan people a say over their self determination, that she has become dictatorial enough to openly say that the people of Scotland will not be allowed to have another say on the matter of Independence.

The following exchange happened  during Prime Ministers Question Time.

From Hansard:


“Following our successful Offshore Europe exhibition last week in Aberdeen, can the Prime Minister assure me and my constituents that support for the oil and gas industry will be at the heart of the industrial strategy so that we can maximise economic recovery in the North sea? Does she agree that the biggest threat to the industry would be the instability of a…

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Now comes the Winter of our Discontent

9 Sep

Lots of good points and the stinger at the end ,will we still have a devolved parliament at the end of Brexit? My thoughts go a bit further and I think what the Tories will do is suck all the meaningful powers from Holyrood and leave us for another few years then close it down.As Rod says at the end “Hang on ..its going to be some ride” I’d say with a crash at the end of it,but I hope not.I’ve been an optimist all of my life(so far) but see that now I’m slowly turning into a pessimist over independence and I had high hopes for so long.

Auld Acquaintance


From the Nightmares of Summer to the Winter of our discontent.

How short a time it seems since early summer, and how much has happened since.

To begin with we had the vote and the announcement in the Scottish Parliament from which the First Minister proclaimed that there would be a second Independence referendum after the Brexit negotiations were settled and before Brexit itself took place.
The mandate for this vote came about because of the significant change in circumstance which would see Scotland being taken out of the EU.
At this juncture there was no way that Nicola Sturgeon could possibly have predicted that Theresa May was about to endeavour an attempt at political suicide by calling an early and immediate General Election.
Although the vote to have another Independence Referendum had the will of the Scottish parliament and thus the people of Scotland, all the Unionists parties, Labour…

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In Praise of the Apathetic, the Brain Dead and the Bigots

8 Sep

Rod raises a lot of questions with this blog,all of them necessary and we need to find answers to them.Educating this upcoming generation but try to educate the previous generations,although I concede it is a task beyond me,is there anybody who could find a way to get through to what seems to me as, brain blocked non-thinkers ,I know that is an insult if said to them but just talking about them I am insulting them? Rhetorical,aye Rod you’ve dug a deep one this time.

Auld Acquaintance

One might have thought that with all the relative positivity about Scotland recently in the face of the dire news coming from all across the Unionists camp that Scottish voters in 2 council wards in Glasgow Cardonald and Fortissat North Lanarkshire might feel encouraged to vote in numbers and positively in their local bye elections yesterday.
Unfortunately that seems not to be the case. In Cardonald a meagre 23% turned out and in Fortissat not much better at 30%

At the end of the day Labour were absolutely thrilled as they won both. Cardonald was a seat held and Fortissat a Gain from the Conservatives. The Labour resurgence continues, or so it would seem.

Lets have a look at the Cardonald result first..
In May the SNP had most of the first preference votes in this seat but lost out in the vote transfer, so they may have felt they…

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To Live in the early days of a Better Nation

7 Sep

A piece of writing that needs to be seen by as many unionists or those that think they are,as well as a boost to all us independence seekers.Rod sees it in a clear field of vision grateful to be able to share his thoughts and writings,try his poetry it is worthwhile.

Auld Acquaintance


The plan for government introduced by the First Minister yesterday caught everybody by surprise, both her detractors and her supporters. Nobody but nobody was expecting it,and it caught everyone on the hop with its vision, its breadth of intent, its boldness and might we say even a bit of Scottish gallusness and audacity. It really was quite breathtaking, almost like the glow of the lights of the Saltire bridge was reflecting off it.
Who would have thought that in the midst of a Brexit calamity which threatens to tear apart the whole of these Isles that such thinking would be thought possible? Certainly not the floundering opposition who could only come up with feeble worn complaints about the constitution.
I wont trawl through all of the proposed 16 bills which have been widely reported elsewhere, but rather look at the implications of it all. In particular that of the development…

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