The Salmond Trial

12 Mar

Excellent piece of journalism, and he can be trusted.

Grouse Beater

Referendum Debate Continues As Campaigns Enter Final WeekAlex Salmond

For reader’s information.

The first thing to say is obvious, readers are cautioned against prejudicing the trial by posting intemperate comments that, understandably, some might feel impelled to make, all things considered. Emotions and prejudices will run high, as they say, but the wise will keep an eye on the detail and not the over-wrought. Alex Salmond has already won the first part of his action against the Scottish Government. It remains to be seen what baring it will have on the main part of the case against him.

I shall try to attend the court proceedings on days available to me which may be few. Guest passes are strictly controlled. I have been inside the High Court only once, coincidentally a rape case on which I served as a member of the jury. I was not impressed with the reasoning of some of my fellow jurors, but…

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Our un(SU-N)g heroes : the explosive truth about the formation of the Scottish Parliament

8 Jul

Good read and if you never knew this before you should now.

A wee Sovereign Scot

Debating_chamber,_Scottish_Parliament_(31-05-2006) (1)

“The debating chamber of our Scottish Parliament”


In Scotland we have a Scottish Government sitting in a Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood, Edinburgh. Why did we end up with that? What are the events that led to the formation or “re-opening” of such a thing?

If you listen to people from Labour discussing it, they claim the glory for it and the late Donald Dewar is held in almost saintly awe over his work to see the project come to fruition. Now let’s get down to the truth of the situation.

Labour were forced to form both the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly by threats to remove the UK from the CoE (Council of Europe) if they did not comply. A country cannot be a member of the EU without adhering to the democratic security principles and policy laid down by the CoE and can be ejected if…

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The DUP and the Orange Order in Scotland and Their Near 150,000 Scottish Voters Have Established Total Control of the Tory Party in Scotland-All the Evidence is in This Blog- Be Warned

22 Dec

A “Nazi Salute” or a “Roman Salute” no matter those with that “Butcher’s apron” always boast of beating the Nazi’s in WWII I suppose these grandsons and granddaughters have never got the message from their dead that the salute is an insult to their flag!!


The Orange Order of Scotland, supporters of the DUP and the Tory Party in Scotland

The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland Grand Master Jim McHarg, in a speech in 2017 said:

“The bulk of the Lodge’s estimated 50,000 Scottish supporters are Tories, and more members of the Order are now serving as elected officials across Scotland than at any time in the past two decades.”

20 May 2010: Orange Order activist and DUP supporter, Richard Cook, creator of Conservative Future (Scotland)

The former Deputy Chairman of the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party stated:

“I believe deeply in our party, its membership and in the need for a centre right party to represent the hundreds of thousands of Scots who believe in the same things we do.

Putting it bluntly, our General Election results were not good. In all but a few seats the people of Scotland turned out to stop…

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Ireland is a Key to Understanding Scotland

14 Sep

Read without taking a side.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

ON HOGMANAY 2014, as the year that saw Scotland split down the middle on the question of independence came to an end, Scottish Labour activist and journalist Aidan Kerr published a blog post describing what he saw as the “Ulsterisation of Scottish Politics.” Over a year later, writing in The Herald, columnist David Torrance capitalised on this term to describe what he saw in essence as an insular politics of conflict in which Scotland – like the occupied six counties before it – withdraws from British politics as it continues to polarise on the constitutional question. This was a clever manœuvre on the part of the unionist commentariat. At a stroke it brought the dark and awful shadow of Irish political violence down on the Scottish debate and, by associating Scottish independentistas with Irish “nationalists,” planted the idea that it was the campaign for…

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We have a Majority for Independence

5 Sep

I hope this is correct,but I know its close and I have hoped for independence all of my life.Its not as simple as portrayed here,I wish it was.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

MORE PEOPLE IN SCOTLAND support independence than support continued union with England. This was the finding of a poll carried out by Deltapoll for the Best for Britain campaign which found, when the 10 per cent of don’t-knows were removed, 52 per cent of Scots think self-determination is the best option for our nation’s future. What this represents is a seven-point swing in favour of independence since the 2014 referendum and the beginning of the end of the road for the campaign for the union in Scotland. Atop all the lies told by Better Together during the referendum campaign, the revelations of electoral fraud and dark money, and the relentless anti-Scottish media campaign waged by the BBC in Scotland, the prospect of a no-deal – “Armageddon scenario” – Brexit has finally woken Scots up to the realisation that the union is not good for them.


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Alex Salmond Resigns his SNP Membership

30 Aug

This all stinks IMO.100 years ago Charles Parnell Irish indy seeker got caught in a sex scandal,he went out with a woman who was waiting for a divorce he lost support of Liberals.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

THIS IS INDEED THE SORRIEST indictment of where we are as a society, that a man with a decades-long record of unblemished public service feels compelled to resign his membership of the Scottish National Party or face expulsion following two unproven accusations of misconduct. It is utterly irrelevant whether or not these accusations are true. They are as yet unproven, and the assumption of innocent until proven guilty is – or should be – the bedrock of any understanding of justice. That Alex Salmond has found himself in this situation cannot but be seen as a terrible blot on the record of the SNP. If it lacks the moral certainty to defend this central principle of fairness for someone who has served and led it for so long and through so much, how can we depend on it to defend anyone else? This is deeply regrettable.

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New Scottish ambulance call-out system doubles survival rates for heart attack patients but is deliberately misreported by ‘ambulance chasers’

27 Aug

Talking-up Scotland


As you can see from the above, our Unionist media have chased the story, drooling and sniffing for blood. They have distorted the evidence in their usual attempt to frighten the sick and the elderly into that generalised fear of change which they hope translates into a vote to remain in the heartless bosom of Theresa May’s UK.

A new system of prioritising the sickest patients, even though that may lengthen waits for less urgent cases, has massively improved survival rates for cardiac arrest patients. According to a spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service:

‘We have changed the way we respond to calls and are now deliberately prioritising the sickest, most seriously ill patients in Scotland. As a result, we have almost doubled survival rates for cardiac arrest patients since 2013. For less urgent cases, our call handlers now spend more time understanding patient’s clinical needs to ensure…

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Baby Box: Shock and Awe

13 Aug

This needs to be read and I too know of the death at birth of my child,Gary,Although over 40 years ago he is still in my thoughts the pain is in a little box in my heart and my wife has her way of dealing with her heartache of our loss.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

JENNIFER AND CRAIG WALKED down the centre aisle of the crowded church towards the altar. Kate was wrapped in a gorgeous pale blue blanket and cradled in Jen’s arms. Craig had his arm around Jen’s shoulder, holding his wee family as they made their way to the front of the congregation. Jen looked serene. Craig, like he hadn’t slept in a month. As they reached the carpeted sanctuary steps I lifted my gaze – a forty yard stare – to the marble statue of Christ the Good Shepherd behind the font at the back of the chapel and silently recited the words of a hymn – the melody of which would not come: My one defence, my righteousness, O God how I need you.

Now below me, where I could not dare to look, Jen and Craig tucked Kate in as though into her crib…

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The Prose and Cons of Union

13 Aug

Glad I found this blogger I like his “prose” and don’t feel “conned” into agreeing with him.

Random Public Journal

By Jason Michael

MAKING THE POSITIVE CASE for independence was what 2014 was all about. Our focus was almost entirely on Scotland, spelling out to our fellow Scots that our country had the resources and the wherewithal to be a state on its own account. Making the case that Scotland had what was required to be a successful, small independent nation was hugely important. The importance of this was underlined by John Swinney back in 2001 when he said of the British establishment and Scottish unionists:

[T]hey will always run down the Scots – why they will always say we are too stupid and too poor to be trusted to run the affairs of our own country.

In order to set the stage for where we are we had to argue that we are not “too wee, too poor, and too stupid” – and we certainly wouldn’t…

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Food for thought

3 Aug

Today is the future of yesterday and tomorrow comes all too quickly.



During the run up to the 2014 referendum in Scotland, amongst the wildly inaccurate plethora of scaremongering, the threats and doom forecasts of Project Fear, I heard a story, I don’t know if it was true, of an elderly lady being so frightened by the spew of British state propaganda, a conglomeration of TV, radio, newspapers and shameless dodgy New Labour types on her front step filling her head with rubbish, that she withdrew all of her savings from the bank and spent it all on stocking up on tins of non-perishable foods to keep her going for an extended period of time. She had been told that if Scotland was to become an independent country everyone would run out of food, and some would starve.

My thought at the time was, Bastards, fucking Bastards. Did those in on the cosy Bitter Together Tory/ Labour/ Liberal unionist pact realise that…

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