Now comes the Winter of our Discontent

9 Sep

Lots of good points and the stinger at the end ,will we still have a devolved parliament at the end of Brexit? My thoughts go a bit further and I think what the Tories will do is suck all the meaningful powers from Holyrood and leave us for another few years then close it down.As Rod says at the end “Hang on ..its going to be some ride” I’d say with a crash at the end of it,but I hope not.I’ve been an optimist all of my life(so far) but see that now I’m slowly turning into a pessimist over independence and I had high hopes for so long.

Auld Acquaintance


From the Nightmares of Summer to the Winter of our discontent.

How short a time it seems since early summer, and how much has happened since.

To begin with we had the vote and the announcement in the Scottish Parliament from which the First Minister proclaimed that there would be a second Independence referendum after the Brexit negotiations were settled and before Brexit itself took place.
The mandate for this vote came about because of the significant change in circumstance which would see Scotland being taken out of the EU.
At this juncture there was no way that Nicola Sturgeon could possibly have predicted that Theresa May was about to endeavour an attempt at political suicide by calling an early and immediate General Election.
Although the vote to have another Independence Referendum had the will of the Scottish parliament and thus the people of Scotland, all the Unionists parties, Labour…

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In Praise of the Apathetic, the Brain Dead and the Bigots

8 Sep

Rod raises a lot of questions with this blog,all of them necessary and we need to find answers to them.Educating this upcoming generation but try to educate the previous generations,although I concede it is a task beyond me,is there anybody who could find a way to get through to what seems to me as, brain blocked non-thinkers ,I know that is an insult if said to them but just talking about them I am insulting them? Rhetorical,aye Rod you’ve dug a deep one this time.

Auld Acquaintance

One might have thought that with all the relative positivity about Scotland recently in the face of the dire news coming from all across the Unionists camp that Scottish voters in 2 council wards in Glasgow Cardonald and Fortissat North Lanarkshire might feel encouraged to vote in numbers and positively in their local bye elections yesterday.
Unfortunately that seems not to be the case. In Cardonald a meagre 23% turned out and in Fortissat not much better at 30%

At the end of the day Labour were absolutely thrilled as they won both. Cardonald was a seat held and Fortissat a Gain from the Conservatives. The Labour resurgence continues, or so it would seem.

Lets have a look at the Cardonald result first..
In May the SNP had most of the first preference votes in this seat but lost out in the vote transfer, so they may have felt they…

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To Live in the early days of a Better Nation

7 Sep

A piece of writing that needs to be seen by as many unionists or those that think they are,as well as a boost to all us independence seekers.Rod sees it in a clear field of vision grateful to be able to share his thoughts and writings,try his poetry it is worthwhile.

Auld Acquaintance


The plan for government introduced by the First Minister yesterday caught everybody by surprise, both her detractors and her supporters. Nobody but nobody was expecting it,and it caught everyone on the hop with its vision, its breadth of intent, its boldness and might we say even a bit of Scottish gallusness and audacity. It really was quite breathtaking, almost like the glow of the lights of the Saltire bridge was reflecting off it.
Who would have thought that in the midst of a Brexit calamity which threatens to tear apart the whole of these Isles that such thinking would be thought possible? Certainly not the floundering opposition who could only come up with feeble worn complaints about the constitution.
I wont trawl through all of the proposed 16 bills which have been widely reported elsewhere, but rather look at the implications of it all. In particular that of the development…

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Pass the Parcel

3 Sep

Many a true word is spoken in jest,and many a funny column has its basis in truth.

Auld Acquaintance

DIvUb3iW0AEfyq1.jpg largecartoon strip by Neil Slorance in the National

Uncle Jezza here…  ” Now children which one of you wants the job of branch milk monitor? Don’t all shout at once now”

Anas excitedly jumping up and down at the front… “Me, Me,Me, Me Me,Me ”

Uncle Jezza…. ” Do sit down Anas…anybody, anybody?”

Neil..muttering…”Not bloomin likely!!”

Alex:” Don’t look at me! ”

James: ” What was the question again?”

Neil murmurs to Alex…. We could get the new boy Richard to do it,nobody knows who he is”
Jacqui..giggles…. “lets let Anas do it, and we can all take turns stabbing him in the back”

Kez..” I have a great idea,why don’t we just let Roothie carry on, she always told me what to do”

Uncle Jezza…Slumps forward with his head in his hands on the teachers desk, sobbing uncontrollably…. ” Oh God…what am I going to do with this…

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Nationalists are Not Equal to Unionists

1 Sep

Some alarming news here,just have to follow the link ,or paste it onto your google search and read,I’ve never been able to understand this type of hatred and I don’t think I ever will,bigotry or racism just don’t get it.I can understand the dislike of somebody because of what they have done to me that is on a personal level,but to hate others people you’ve never meet seems stupid in the extreme,should I hate somebody because of what one of their ancestors did to somebody else? no sense there I really don’t understand it and those that encourage it I see that they are making profit out of the poor fools that show this type of trait bigots senseless and cant see that they are being used by others,who’s on the front line? them that encourage the bigot or the one who is a bigot and will never know why.

Auld Acquaintance

Do you not know your place? Do you somehow think that your views count in the Grand scheme of things?
Whatever might have been said, you are most certainly not a valued partner.
After all that has been said these past few years, let us be absolutely certain that none of the platitudes and promises and vows were even partially meant, and if you haven’t yet twigged onto that, I am not sure where your head has been?

Let me take 2 quotes from an article written today, which I will link to later on.
The first of these quotes says ” nationalists and unionists “are not equals”.
“politically it means nationalism is a minority political force.”

An earlier view from this Lord at the time of the Independence Referendum called for  Scotland to be re-partitioned in the event of a vote for independence.

Now before some of you start…

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The Bridge

31 Aug

One of Rod’s poems he has lots and all worth the time to read and enjoy,he encouraged me to read various verse and now I enjoy several that are posted on Facebook.

Auld Acquaintance

The Bridge
I am the Bridge don’t you know?
And Just So as You Know
I am Scottish not British Ye Ken!
I grew from the mud and the silt of the Forth
with my Towers reaching high to the sky
My elder sisters were here long before I arrived
But now there’s the 3 of us caught the Worlds eye
My Steel cords unwound could circle this Earth
And I’m the best of my type anywhere
My Sails like the ships which travel beneath
Are a beauty which none can compare
And when I shine my lights up into the night
It is Saltires you’ll see should you look
I am proud of my people and pround of this Land
Their Invention and Skill which I took
Many people did come from all the World over
Each playing their part and together
For the…

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31 Aug

I like this blog and its points ,more needs done to teach Westminster that Scotland is a country in a union and not a county of another region of the UK,which many English folk don’t seem to realise either that England like Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland are the 4 regions that make up the United Kingdom and as it stands is a “New” country formed when the Irish Free State was formed and declared a republic.



You may remember that we at Munguin’s Republic were pleased when Corbyn won the Labour leadership over the bunch of Blairite Tory-lite contenders.

We were happier still when the disloyal ex- front benchers tried to remove him and first one, and then another, no-hoper, third-rater stood against him, and he not only beat them, but beat them by an ever bigger margin than his first victory.

We laughed too,  at Dugdale’s off on relationship with him. He was useless, then he was the leader and would lead them to victory, then he was useless again, and so on… Not quite sure where she is with him at the moment.


We don’t rate and indeed have never have rated Dugdale from way back when she was the Noble ffoulkes’ assistant and ran a blog. We’ve no idea what she is like as a person, but as a political leader, she is…

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